Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ranz who?

I am according to my friends.

*keep observer
* Naughty when necessary 


=> When I was once a child, I view myself as a shy-type of person, afraid of bein rejected,unconfident in exploring my world and not so sociable at all. but now,im Proud to say that Ive conquered my fears! Hahaha!Now I grew up,matured enough to make you wild and crazy over me!!! Im not that famous but a lot of people knw me!Im not a hunk or even a good looking guy but I can see u starring at me. Most of all,Im not a genius but you can find urself admiring my deeds; Maybe ur asking why I say its becoz I love myself. I love my whole personality; Im not perfect at all!Im just a human bein tryin to be the best person I can be;Im outgoing,fun to be with,sociable & an active type of person;I love expressing myself in all ways, thru the way I talk,carry myself, dress up,the way I speak my mind I stand on my words & see to it not to break my promises;I have a colorful life for adventure is my name;I value ol the things, the people around me.I love to observe peoples life since I believe that I can learn a lot from it!I want to see happy faces each single day of my life.I crack jokes and also laugh at other's jokes.. I laugh out loud and think out loud..And hey, I also have my sentimental side.. I can be a good listener and a good adviser at times.

 am a positive thinker and I don't easily give up on anything; Im confident enough that I can really accept my faults, the negatives in me; yeah, I tried several vices but I never let these stuffs ruin my whole bein! Im curious in every things,and so I have the guts to try it all! I love challenges and taking risks since they made me strong and complete!!I dont run from problems, I party hard, though im really NOT a dancer but rather a POWERFUl SOLOIST!but oh, I never take for granted the important stuffs I have to deal with; Be willing to be involved and taking charge of the environment that Im in.. Being bold, being smart..Learning to live on the edge..Priding myself on my flexibility,able to think on my own feet.Thats making a difference!! but People tend to misjudge me as a sophisticated snob person. I'm actually the opposite one. Some says I have a suplado-look that daunting. I'm not really suplado so it's reasonable to draw closer to me. Don't annoy me coz I can be your worst enemy. I know how to handle fun and I can surely rock life without regrets, I'm an extrovert-intuitive- thinker and perceiver. I'm a fragile person inside and indestructible out! I'm very unpredictable and moody. I love my family, of course God and also I love my friends. They are my second family and I would never ever trade them for anything. I love to cheer up people, not to fool them around. I can keep them as long as they want. I'm very loyal, friendly, but I can be stubborn in some ways maybe because, I'm a consistent person sometimes hihi. But I'm also open minded. I socialize with almost everybody. I always had fights with my emotional side because I'm so sensitive and I easily cry. I'm a dreamer. I like schooling and I make it:))

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